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The Tornado

The TORNADO seed and fertiliser trailer which is designed and manufactured by Duraquip has solved logistical nightmares across all farming regions of Australia with this purpose built, dual purpose semi-trailer and can proudly boast that they have 100% customer satisfaction.

In 2005 Duraquip rolled out the “World’s Best Belly Dumper” and it revolutionised reloading air-seeders. It’s undeniable to this day that it is the safest, most efficient and user friendly way that one of your staff members could possibly fill an aircart. With the ever increasing size of farm machinery, particularly modern air seeding equipment, enormous pressure can be put on staff and resources at critical times of the year. Particularly with the added dimensions of liquid fertiliser. 

Duraquip now have 6 TORNADO models which caters for every operation, and we proudly can offer three of these as liquid options, of which all have granular compartments as well.  Every model doubles as an excellent grain carting trailer at harvest time which means your investment is returning dividends at two of the most critical times of the year… so let’s say all year round!

The TORNADO has remained the superior choice in the field for the past 15 years, and if you want to improve productivity and professionalise your operation and attract quality staff then the time has come to put you name on a GEN II Tornado!

At Duraquip we also pride ourselves with the development and manufacture of several other popular brands in the marketplace. The latest addition to our product range is the LoadFORCE. This is a super lightweight, drop deck style, aluminium grain tipper. This will run alongside the TareFORCE nicely, further suiting the needs of any potential buyer.

If you are in the market for grain tippers, tankers or any other transport equipment then contact the Duraquip team who have a strong understanding of the industry and its associated parameters and are only too willing to help you get it right. 

For more information about the tornado or any other transport equipment call the team at Duraquip on 1800 27 1800 or send us an online enquiry here!