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Duraquip is a manufacturer dedicated to supplying quality, innovative transport equipment solutions, and founder of the most revolutionary and ground-breaking trailer in Australia, The TORNADO Commodity Trailer.

2020 marks the 15th anniversary for Duraquip’s ‘TORNADO’ the “World’s Best Belly Dumper”. The reputation that the TORNADO has earnt is unmatched, be it quality of build, flexibility and simplicity of use or just efficiencies gained. It has revolutionised reloading air-seeders.  The TORNADO enables farmers to efficiently and safely load air-carts at seeding time and cart grain with ease at harvest time.

The TORNADO being purpose built has have solved logistical nightmares across all farming regions of Australia. Duraquip specifically designed this to be a dual-purpose semi-trailer and can proudly boast that they have 100% customer satisfaction. “It’s the only thing that I have brought that I haven’t had to modify to make it work!” is the most frequently uttered phrase!

Duraquip now have 6 TORNADO models which will cater for every operation including diverse liquid programs. Every model serves as an excellent grain carting trailer at harvest time which means your investment is returning dividends at two of the most critical times of the year… so let’s say all year round!

The TORNADO has remained the superior choice in the field. If you want to improve productivity and professionalise your operation and attract quality staff then the time has come to put you name on a GEN II TORNADO.

Duraquip pride themselves with the development and manufacture of several other popular brands in the marketplace. Since 2014, the TareFORCE has become a very popular, well-known lightweight steel chassis tipper in the market, with comparable tare weights to the aluminium tipper range. It boasts innovation, design and quality that is found nowhere else! With its low tare, yet high structural integrity and excellent ROI, the TareFORCE has the leading edge in the industry.

Duraquip’s Liquidator is a well sought-after liquid fertiliser tanker that is well designed and finished and easy to use. It is available as a fixed tanker or for ultimate flexibility and diversity we offer it as a demountable combo where the same chassis can carry either a liquid tanker or a grain bowl. This is ideal for large farmers and contractors and caters for the demands of seasonal work.

The latest addition to our transport product range is an aluminium bulk tipper – the LoadFORCE. This is a very high capacity, yet super lightweight, drop deck style, aluminium grain tipper with a low centre of gravity. It will run alongside the TareFORCE nicely, further suiting the needs of any potential buyer.

After the success of the TORNADO, Duraquip decided to put their 120 years of farming experience to task and create something that would tick all the boxes. The Seed Storm – a high quality seeding bar that demonstrates strength and flexibility. This project has been 12 months in development, subject to rigorous testing and scrutiny with two machines in the paddock this season, each covering 3000 hectares with minimal issues and has now reached the point of release to the market.

Duraquip’s commitment has always been to provide solutions that keep their customers in front, providing products that stand out as the “superior choice” in todays widely varying equipment standards and this is what we see with the latest SeedStorm Seeding Bar.

Some of the key features of the patent designed SeedStorm include:

  • 40 to 80ft bar width options
  • 10 to 12” spacing options
  • 5m transport width
  • Flexible frame connections
  • Retractable tine system
  • Exceptional trash flow capabilities
  • Single cylinder hydraulic frame lift

Built with the same ingenuity as the TORNADO, The SeedStorm is made in Australia for Australian conditions with the required strength and flexibility for the harshest conditions. Duraquip have partnered with McIntosh & Son as the dealer for this new and exciting product – SeedStorm by Duraquip. For more information visit: https://bit.ly/3hl7zOJ and see us on Facebook @SeedStormAus or contact your local McIntosh & Son dealer.

Over the last 15 years Duraquip has progressed significantly in the marketplace and become an industry leader. We pride ourselves in only providing the best solutions for our customers. Once again, this year has seen many of our other ingenious products head to work such as Liquidator fertiliser tankers, Hydrator water tankers, HaulFORCE side tippers, TareFORCE end tippers, flat tops and deck wideners.

The advantages Duraquip customers are proving can all be experienced by you! If you want to stay out in front this harvest, order your grain carting trailers now from the home of the trusted transport brands – Duraquip.

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